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Individualized Therapeutic Massage

Taking an active role in our own health and well-being is a first and most important step in not only living longer but having a better quality of life. Eating fresh food, daily exercise and stretching are important parts of being healthy. Another important part is relaxation and stress reduction. Regular massage is a vital ingredient of a healthy routine.

Therapeutic massages for the hardworking is the main part of my practice. If you have a physically or mentally demanding profession receiving regular therapeutic massages will keep your body and mind functioning at their best. Regular massages can be the best health insurance you can purchase. 

Birth is my passion. A good start to life is important for babies and their parents. The many aspects of massage for the child bearing year include: prenatal massage; child birth education; doula services; post natal massage and infant massage education.

Couples are encouraged to learn how to massage each other for better non verbal communication and empathy in their relationship. A couple will be given time for each person to learn basic massage techniques and to practice on their partner. Loose comfortable clothing such as soft shorts and shirts will be worn for the lesson. 

Growing old does not need to be uncomfortable. Remaining active and having regular massages is beneficial for comfortable health at every age, especially as we grow older. Massage will address the issues of wear and tear over the years. 

The benefits of regular therapeutic massage include:

   reduced stress and increased mental focus

   pain relief and greater mobility

   improved immune system functioning

   improved circulation and decreased blood pressure

   improved athletic performance and endurance 

   improved respiration and digestion

   restful and refreshing sleep

Massage for Injuries

Massage relaxes the muscles and increases circulation for improved healing. Massage prepares the body for chiropractic adjustment so the adjustment is easier to accomplish and is more effective for a longer period of time. Massage is efficacious for injuries sustained in auto accidents, repetitive pattern injuries and work injuries. Unfortunately, the difficulties involved in getting paid by insurance companies has made necessary the requirement that my clients pay for their sessions up front and have the insurance reimburse them. 


Massage and Bodywork for all ages and stages of life
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